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American Musicals? Hello, “Schikaneder” and “Mozart!”

American musicals wearing you down? Here comes "Schikaneder" and "Mozart!"

Ives Revives a Comic Liar (And It’s Not You-Know-Who)

Cliton and Sabine? Cliton and Isabelle? Don't ask me. Events were moving fast.
Tarika Barrett

Tarika Barrett Juggles Work, Life and Politics at Girls Who Code

Tarika Barrett on creating a more diverse picture of what a techie looks like.

3 Questions to Ask About Art Other Than “Did You Like It?”

We watch a lot of arts and media. Here's how we can do a better job of talking about it.
Judy Norsigian

Our Bodies Ourselves’ Judy Norsigian: Activist, Educator

Judy Norsigian on climate change, gender violence and hope for the future.

► Puppet President Prods Perplexed APAP

Donald J. Tramp proved true to form.

My President, My Problem

"Not my cockroach."

A Most Visible Baby Mama on Multiple Births

Writer Mariah MacCarthy discusses creating a company, a show and her child.
state arts

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA

Is our arts advocacy strategy good enough?

At Davos & UN, Xi Firms China’s Global-Leader Status

China's president uses global forums to push cooperation, oppose U.S. hegemony.

►Take the #NotMyPresident Challenge!

Join our new viral campaign to demand that Donald Trump address issues that matter to you.

#ArtfulResistance: Crowdsourcing a Trump-Era Arts Platform

Because the response of our arts advocacy establishment has been tepid.

“Jitney,” Wilson’s First Play, Last to Debut on Broadway

There’s a TV term for something like this play.

Something Rotten: Irondale’s “1599 Project” and Donald Trump

The production of a play must always serve as a mirror to our own time in history.

Peer Gynt and the Norwegian Hapa Band Rocks Out

Though rock is native neither to Norway nor to Hapa bands, the idea is fascinating.

Trump’s Behavior, Elucidated by 10 Fictional Characters

These characters behave very badly. NOT good. SAD!

►Performing Arts and Politics: Trying to See the Future

Could the National Endowment for the Arts be defunded -- and affect performing arts?

New Arts Facility? Why Sometimes We Just Say No

It's hard to declare a new project or facility unfeasible.

84 Years Late, New Play “Unfaithfully” Premieres

Feelings, thinking and behavior of everyday people in 2017 isn't much different from 1933.
young boy's face with bugle mouthpiece on his lips

Seeing Red: When Russian Art and Politics Were Revolutionary

During the Russian Revolution, avant-garde artists pioneered new art for a new society.
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