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Pantomime: The Perfect Tonic for 2016? Oh Yes!

If we can't laugh at the past 12 months, what can we do?

My Audience of One: Why I Write

I think a lot about how they might know me if I dropped dead one day.

Why I Won’t Write a TV “Best of” List for 2016

A fever-inspired, incomplete and biased list of the year's highs and lows in television.

Folly, Meet Valor: Hemingway’s Wartime Adventures

Why, as a man, had he put himself through such hell?

In 2017, Water Had Better Become Your Top Concern

Gloomy water projections, both globally and in U.S., show need for citizen action.

Older Women Ruled the Artworld in 2016

Brilliant, underrated female artists shine; can this trend continue under Trump?

Why Artists Should Sell Out

It's okay for artists to prioritize revenue. Really.

The Arts Now Have a New Purpose

The world is now rich in context for our work.

Michael Barra on How Big Media is Disrupting Broadway

In this podcast, Barra discusses his recent CFR article on the future of Broadway.

10 Resolutions to End This Effed-Up Year of Trump

Let's be honest and kill the orange elephant in the room.

Let’s Not Shut Up and Dance

A pro-Trump nation is not safe. Let's prepare the next generation of American artists.

Trump as a Symptom of Society Undone

Almost half the people . . . voted for the poster child for public indecency.
The Band's Visit

Welcome to Bet Hatikva: “The Band’s Visit”

What an enticing world-music-like original cast CD this one is going to be.
Rancho Viejo

“Rancho Viejo”: Happiness Is a Three-Hour Play

Finding joy in the small, disregarded, even disdained moments of life.

Obama’s Overtime Rules, My Theater, and Me

The arts administrator in me suddenly broke into a sweat.
Dear Evan Hansen

Letter Imperfect: “Dear Evan Hansen” On Broadway

Happy endings usually serve musicals -- but not in this case.
Big Media

How the Rise of Big Media Is Disrupting Broadway

Who is the franchise manager for Hamilton? I’d wager there isn’t one.

Lloyd Webber on Diversity: Short-Term “Memory” Loss?

Is the world-famous musical theater composer using Bombay Dreams as a show pony?
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