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tcg congress

How Artists Can Be Political Activists: A Podcast with TCG

Jonathan Moscone and Rhiana Yazzie discuss TCG's trip to Capitol Hill.
Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

I Want to See Less of This “World”

I've lost patience with the limited view of sci-fi shows like "Westworld."

Ban Nuclear Weapons, Despite Washington

A nuclear-weapons-ban treaty? Bad for the nuclear-weapons industry. Good for us.
Donald J. Tramp

No Debate! The Lady and (Donald J.) Tramp Take Vegas

A report from the CFR's special correspondents at the final presidential debate.
Trump Foundation

Trump Foundation: Tip of the Rogue Charity Iceberg

If not for Trump’s compulsive vanity, his foundation might have gotten away with it.

Get Your Theater More Than an Audience–Build a Fandom

What church and K-pop can teach us about building a lifestyle around your organization.
5 Guys Chillin'

The New Nudity: NYC Alt Theater Keeps Baring All

Naked bodies on Downtown stages have come to signify more than liberation or sex.

The Jewish Museum is Just Giving It Away!

"Take Me (I'm Yours)" is a show of artwork visitors can take home for free.
Melkis Alvarez-Baez

Melkis Alvarez-Baez’s Passion for Nonprofit Work at NPCC

Interview with a nonprofiteer who just cannot get enough nonprofit management!
ageism theater

A Woman of a Certain Age on Ageism in Theater

Actress playwright Tulis McCall reflects on continuing to work as she gets older.

For Arts Nonprofits, What’s the Value of a Volunteer?

We need a new approach to volunteering in the arts based on the exchange of value.
The Front Page

“The Front Page”: Broadway’s Big Banner Headline

Nathan Lane heads a superb cast examining Jazz Age chicanery.

Rachel Weisz Delivers Plenty (and Then Some)

The endlessly complex and elusive Susan Traherne remains a grueling and epic role.

44 Years of Family Dysfunction: “Love, Love, Love”

The Beatles insist that love is all you need. The playwright wonders if it's true.

“Sell/Buy/Date” Sees Our Sexual Future

Sarah Jones' play -- and performance -- is the act of a political activist.
Frank Rizzo

Theater Critic Frank Rizzo Balances Head and Heart

"A little self-doubt, humor or humility can give an opinion authenticity."
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda Reawakens the Wonder at United Palace

Magic returns to an historic movie house with the help of Broadway's superstar.
arts debate

An Arts Approach to Tonight’s Debate

We can join the political dance. Here are 10 activities to do just that.

Don’t Hate: Third-Party Voters Speak Out

Says a Johnson voter, "The flubs show that long-term pot use is hurtful to the brain."
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