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Tom Wopat Watches His “Heirloom” Garden Grow

Heirloom is a nine-part romantic comedy series, streamed over Vimeo, about a tomato farm -- and a lot more. Co-created by and starring Paten...

Dear God: “Nat Turner in Jerusalem” Arrives Off-Broadway

A harrowing scene from America's past, still alive in our present.

My Name Is Tim, and I Am Addicted to White Privilege

The only way to begin to address racism meaningfully is to acknowledge our addiction.

What Is a “Consumer-Friendly” Arts Experience?

It comes down to these four words.

It’s Not Bragging — Talk about Your Work with Joy

Get over your embarrassment and think about the inspiration your work can spark.

Bookends: How Shakespeare Embodies Popular Culture

Shakespeare began as pop culture and has remained ever defined and shaped by pop culture.

“Speechless” Disrupts Polite Conversation About Disability

One of the best new comedies of the fall takes on special-needs representation.
Crowded Fire

Crowded Fire Leads With Art and Innovation

A woman-led San Francisco theater provoking engagement with complex social issues

How Video Games Show Us the Value of Unhappy Endings

Video games are full of unhappy endings. What if this were true in other art?

Why The Fashion Police Cannot Defeat ISIS

Women's choice: one of the world's most beautiful things.
American media

Note to American Media: Get a Damn Grip!

You're not Hillary Clinton's doctor.

WASP Democrats on Stage: “What Did You Expect?”

Now on stage: a pinch of Clinton, a punch of Trump, and lots of the kitchen sink.

What Does It Mean To Love America?

"I no longer wish to 'perform' patriotism in order to be palatable to others."
Family Ties

The Shame of Pre-Judging Art: “Family Ties” for the Stage

Let's remember to judge works when they're ready.
Jill Dolan

Feminist Theater Critic Jill Dolan Faces the World

"Sometimes I think I lead from the heart, and my heart often bleeds a little."

The Good, Bad and Political in TPP

Environmental groups, labor unions and others are consulted. But not at the table.

NYC Labor Day Parade: Why Equity Actors Marched

A performing arts union collectively steps out -- and celebrates.

The President of the United Arts of America

The choice: not as clear as you think.
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