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Why Nonprofits Must Embrace, Not Fear, Remote Work

With good management, flex work solves lots of problems.

In Chicago, Refining the Cultural and Critical Lens

Five women in theater discuss training the next generation of theater lovers.

Audiences as Consumers: Revisiting Assumptions

What's behind the declining arts audience? Let's re-examine consumer behavior.

A Polish Actor in an Irish Play on an American Stage

Rebel. Defender. Supporter. Prince of irony.

“Stranger Things” and the Limits of 1980s Nostalgia

The Stephen King/Steven Spielberg mash-up engrosses but fails to say anything new.

Olympics and Art: Going for Gold in Cross-Culture Empathy

Will this critical area of civic life step up where the Games left off?

Foreigners Sound Off On the US Election

"This election is not a brilliant moment in American history..."
Ruby Lerner

Ruby Lerner Is More Than Ready for Retirement

Creative Capital's innovative founding director talks about planning "Ruby 3.0."

With Elections Looming, FringeNYC Pitches the Political

Of 26 political plays in FringeNYC, here are thoughts on five.

Trump’s Biggest Losers: American Kids

The damage this man is doing will take decades to simmer down.

How a Millennial Channels Janis Joplin

"Some audience members think I’m truly drunk towards the end..."
Gorilla Rep

Gorilla Theater: 26 Years Later an Actor Returns to the Park

Sometimes life brings you back to the exact same spot you were standing in before.

Hillary Clinton: Leader of Progressive Change?

Leadership takes a lot of forms, not all of them charismatic or even visible.

Now in FringeNYC: An Election Year “Dream Ticket”

A new political play on the GOP -- and what America deserves.

A Liberal Asks: Should the GOP Be Saved?

A 150-year-old political party in a chaotic hell spiral of its own devising.

The Theater Has a Consent Problem

If we treated real sex like theatrical sex, we’d be rapists.

Sex on Stage? You Better Know Your Reitz

"We’ve all seen manipulative and inept plays, but this was a first."

In Election Season, Americans Choose Their Own Adventure

In literary terms, we're gambling on America’s sequel.

CFR Election Roundtable: What Do You Still Want to Know?

Is it in Donald Trump's best interest to lose? In this podcast, our writers weigh in.

“Vinegar Girl”: Anne Tyler Tames the “Shrew”

American novelist determined to remake outmoded Shakespeare.
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