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Game of Thrones

Forget Drugs and Booze, I’m Addicted to “Game of Thrones”

They feed on my addiction. I feed on them.

Diverse Narratives Flourish at the House of Chay Yew

Victory Gardens's Artistic Director on history, Asian American representation, and Beyoncé

“UnREAL,” “Orange Is the New Black,” & White Folks

The new seasons of "UnREAL" and "OINTB" raise questions about white audience expectations.
store front of Word Up Community Bookshop

A Literary Melting Pot Celebrates Five Years

The independent bookstore isn't dead. It has evolved.

16 Ways President Drumpf Will Be a Stain of Shame

In 2016, politics fell of the shelf and shattered on the ground.
Trump Fascist

Sinclair Lewis, Donald Trump: Yes, It Can Happen Here

A provocative 1935 novel as a cautionary tale for the 2016 election.

Yes, Another Gun Column. And This One Is NSFW.

Here's a little mini-Passion Play, starring my ideal Senator.

Men: Theater Is Not For Your Sexual Fantasies

We need to say #NotInOurHouse to sexist and exploitative theater practices.
Hillary Clinton

Hope vs. History: Will the Real Hillary Please Stand Up?

Liberals can hope . . . but they are likely to be disappointed.

Tony Adams Creates Space For Women and “Friends”

A Chicago artistic director advocates for female playwrights and female-centered stories.

The Scourge of Good People

After Orlando, I weep because the bad ones are our responsibility, too.
Equity Equality

If Equity Is Not Equality, What Is It?

We haven't defined "equity," so we don't know what it looks like.

If You Don’t Like This Post, Unfriend Me Now

Has the political climate affected people's Facebook habits?

Women-Only Cast Tames the “Shrew”

They strut. They square their shoulders. They're men.
Harry Potter

The Senseless Sensationalism of “Hamilton” and “Harry Potter”

The problem is the scale of the hype.

How Director Emmi Hilger is Growing the Canon of Magical Realism

Emmi Hilger on myths, empathy and how your life may be more magical than you realize.

A War Criminal Slow Jams the “News”

Have you noticed how corporate media works to entertain and indoctrinate you with the government’s rendition of news rather than the real news? And...

It’s Not All About Matthew Broderick. Except When It Is.

A play about guilt and its manifestations.

Sanders, Trump and the Politics of Hokum

It's the politics of woo-woo, from sea to shining sea.
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