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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Trump Hillary

Want to Win, Hillary? Get In the Gutter With Trump

If Trump wins, the media will bear some responsibility for creating this monster.

The Middle Class is Sick. Rebecca Gilman Has the Cure.

In this podcast, Gilman discusses her play Soups, Stews, and Casseroles: 1976.

A Close Look at the Problems Facing Hillary’s Ticket

The perception of dishonesty isn't fair, but it still exists . . .
Total Bent

A Stew of Black Anger in “The Total Bent”

The son of a preacher man as a Jesus figure?
Postcard graphic for play "Universal Robots"

Gideon Productions Marches Forward with “Universal Robots”

We tell the story...We tell the story...We tell the story...
Arts Education

Arts Education: There’s Something Happening Here

Arts education, more important than ever, is making a rebound.
Kathleen Frazier

Actor and Parasomniac Pens a Memoir of Recovery

For one actor, intergenerational trauma is epidemic.

“Ugly Little Sister” From Page to Stage

Play development veteran Charlotte Miller mashes reality TV and myth in commission project

TV Criticism So White and Male

The voices establishing the canon and critical language of TV echo its lack of diversity.

When Political Art Fails to Engage: The Whitney’s “Open Plan”

How important is context to explicitly political art in museums?

We Don’t Believe in the Autonomy of Black Women

Have you cited a Black woman today?
Sam Harris

Sam Harris Wants Your Money

"And then there’s his Barbra Streisand collection..."

Vengeance Is Mine: Paula Vogel’s “Indecent”

The back story of a "shonda for the goyim."

How Susan Bernfield Proves the Viability of Weird Theater

New Georges's Artistic Director on adventurous theater and performing in your living room.

Yellowface and the Racist Incredulity of White Culture

Why White Culture can't see when POCs point out racism.

Roger Stone: Donald Trump’s Professional Lord of Mischief

Stone is all set to replace hardcore sex with hardcore violence.
Daphne's Dive

“Daphne’s Dive” Raises the Off-Broadway Bar

In and out of a neighborhood bar, life goes on.
Sheridan Smith

I’m The Greatest Star: When Twitter Rains on Your Parade

Social media's role in the downfall of London's Norma Desmond and Fanny Brice.

Your Wallet and Life Crave Water and Air

Do you believe air pollution and water scarcity will abate?
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