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arts economy

Arts in a Down Economy: An Oklahoma Case Study

"There must be a better answer."
Shuffle Along

“Shuffle Along,” Mostly With Verve

The grim early buzz about the show’s growing pains was only that.

Bernie Wins! (Eventually)

U.S. political parties are in shambles; Bernie's supporters' movement is a beacon.
Long Day's Journey Into Night

What a Trip: Lange, Byrne Take a “Long Day’s Journey”

A thick hunk of secrets, lies and ingrained resentments.

Detours and Aspirations Create Theater Opportunity

The Tennessee Women's Theater Project is changing perceptions by helping women and men.
Two flight companions hold their luggage and contemplate the rain.

Inside Theatre 167’s “You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase”

Imagine about how much space a play can take up in the world.

“Full Frontal,” “Veep” and the *!#&ing Politics of Swearing

We know that the way women speak is heavily policed and subject to endless scrutiny.

“Waitress”: A Piping Hot Broadway Musical

Adrienne Shelly's 2007 film, piping hot for Broadway.

Can I Be A Black Woman At Work?

I struggle with how Black to be at work.

5 Things I Learned Writing an “Open Gender” Play…

A profound exercise in learning to let go.
Students Protest

A Note From a “Femme d’un Certain Age”

The sound of protest coming from two blocks away.

New Thoughts on an Old Nonprofit Topic: Strategic Planning

Strategic planning answers a specific question.
Clinton Sanders

Hillary and Bernie After the Concrete Jungle

Sanders shouldn't quit, even if Clinton clinches the race. But he should do this.

Time for U.S. “Third” Parties to Rise

Don't buy the old lie of Third parties hurting Republicans and Democrats.
London's West End at night

The Economics of Terror: Why the West End Needs a New Audience

How an unstable tourist market could potentially change West End theatre.
art by Jason Tseng

The Panama Papers, Philanthro-Capitalism and the Arts

Artists must not be made subservient to our oppressors by virtue of their money.
McMillian Chair

McMillian Deconstructs Main Street at the Studio Museum

The sly exhibition examines complexities around race in culture and politics.
The Father

Florian Zeller, Frank Langella Honor “The Father”

Will Frank Langella win his fourth acting Tony? Hmmm....
gender parity data stories

Prizes and Reports Both Address Parity

Successful advocacy for gender parity needs both aggregate data and personal stories.
Jane Chu

What’s Jane Chu Doing at a Place Like the NEA?

Insights on the current state of affairs in the arts.
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