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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, a Thinker’s Troublemaker

A swing back to the political left is far overdue.

How Regulating Animal Charities Could Hurt the Dance World

It is very scary when state governments start to meddle in the business of nonprofits.
bending arts

We Need All Four Arts Of Social Justice Bending

We must recognize and appreciate what each type of activist brings to changing the world.

Why Sanders Should Get Out Now & Save the Country

Sanders could put the base he's built where it's most effective--in Clinton's camp.

Why Bernie Should Stay In the Primary Race

The energy Bernie Sanders creates is good for the Democratic Party and the country.

“The 100” and the Toxic Tropes of Romantic Comedy

Not everyone gets told their relationship fantasies will come true.

Hillary Joins the Police State Parade

Hillary Clinton's response to Brussels? More surveillance and police.
Donald Trump

How Donald Trump Proves America’s Greatness

The Emperor is standing next to an orange-haired, fear-mongering, racist buffoon.
Bright Star

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s “Bright Star” Could Be Brighter

A "sleekness that makes your head spin with giddy delight." But then...

First-Time Voters Are Not Heroes

Well, here's what you've wrought, John from Orlando.
Technology Liberal Arts

Technology, Artists, Money — and You

Young artists have no antipathy to involving money in their artistic practice.

Ask Candidates What China, Russia Think of U.S.

If candidates want to continue war rather than negotiate world peace, show them the door.
She Loves Me

“She Loves Me” Blooming Once Again on Broadway

...and this critic loves it.

Trump’s Dreams, Orwell’s Nightmares

Orwell warned not only of surveillance, but also of nationalistic demagogues, like Trump.
Vigee Le Brun self portrait

Vigée Le Brun at The Met Transcends Her Reputation

The show reveals so much more than the famous portraits of Marie Antoinette.
Cultural Investment ROI

The Cultural Investment ROI (Part Two)

As the saying goes: “You can only move what you can measure.”

Big Ten Theater Improves Percentages for Women

A 14-college initiative expands the playing field for women playwrights and performers

Philanthropy and Politics: The David H. Koch Story

Politics should have no place in philanthropy.

This is the Economic Plan All Candidates Need

Any politician worth his or her salt better have an economic plan to help all the people.

Williams, Daniels Act an Electric Storm in “Blackbird”

A coup de theatre that can shock -- even if it doesn’t surprise.
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