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Ellen Maddow in Golden Toad

The Best Theatre of 2015 Looks Forward to 2016

Theirs is the kind of highly personal theatre that makes living in New York worth it.
social justice conversations

Why Social Justice Conversations Get Exhausting

I won't be manipulated anymore.

Adam Sisman’s “John le Carré” Spies on David Cornwell

David Cornwell: still determining his true identity.

Dear Iowa: To Make William F. Buckley Happy, Vote Ted Cruz

A Cruz win in Iowa makes a Trump nomination less likely and puts Rubio more in play later.

Oligarchs, Central Banks and Our Sinking Economy

Congress must take responsibility for the U.S. economy, and voters must force them to.

Theater of War: Restoring an Ancient Purpose

Using classical Greek theater to heal the deepest modern wounds.
Sculpture of a man thinking by Rodin.

Will the Arts Help Us Rediscover Shared Common Values?

In light of massive societal change, modeling the future of the arts is imperative.

Sarah Palin Word Salad: 2008 is Back, Baby!

...hockey mommas grizzly mommas pistol-packin’ mommas, momma mommas, freedom...

How Should We Respond to Shakespeare’s Sexism?

How do we negotiate between what Shakespeare is and what we want Shakespeare to be?

Mind the Gap, London, and Farewell

England has given me a gift: a pair of gimlet eyes.

“Key Change”: Telling the Stories of Female Prisoners

"I want an equal world, one that celebrates solidarity, one free of discrimination..."

Raging Toward Balance in Theater

A shift in the artist and in the organization may be the answer to equitable theaters.

Estranged Interlude: “Our Mother’s Brief Affair” on Broadway

This problem with this play is more than its execution.

Now on Broadway: The Funniest Second Act Ever Written

Reading the script, the play's original director had to “go lie down at once."

There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky

The stars look very different today.

Can the Arts Save Mankind From Acquire, Consume, Perish?

Driving violence and environmental destruction.
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