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Giving Thanks for My Arts Communities

Who and what are you thankful for in your artistic community?

5 Reasons Digital Streaming Won’t Kill Theater

New on demand services will improve theater, not replace it.

An Open Letter (Regarding Letters)

If the letter did so much to birth modern literature, where has it gone, and is it ever coming back?

Founding Visions: Joseph Papp & the Hungry Public

"Everybody needs theatre." -- Joseph Papp

Paris Attacks II = Police States Growth II

Following the highly publicized new tragic Paris attacks, we again see the increased efforts to grow police/military states as the global economy continues to dissolve.

Frank Stella and the Risks of Evolving Signature Style

When an artist’s work changes for the worse.

The GOP Slams the Golden Door

If a terrorist can pretend to be a refugee, why can't they pretend to be a Christian?

GOP and the Ivy League, Both Failing

When blind faith survives a collegiate education unrefined by reason, the college has failed.

Performance Art on the Red Carpet

“Who are you wearing?”

Does Jake Robards Look Like a Skanky Politician?

"Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?"

Founding Visions: Art for the Sake of Living

In an age of unrest, would not serenity be radical?

In a World Game for War, Recalling a Game for Peace

A nice idea, and "most likely a correct one."

My Very Own Glinda: Miss Lee Sanders

A tribute to the "Good Witch of the No-wuth."

More Casual References to Race in Theater Reviews

"Casual" and "aggression" are not compatible states of being.

Body Tech Then, Now and in the Future

Only agonizing (and joyous) years in the dance studio can produce abs like these.

No Cause for Alarm: Male Bisexuality on Television

Male bisexuality equals manipulation and deceit on TV.

Michael Riedel, “Razzle Dazzle” and the Battle for Broadway

Surprising for this author, he keeps self-aggrandizement off its pages.

Nonprofit HeARTs Speak Uses Art to Save Homeless Animals

Founder Lisa Prince Fishler talks about improving the image of shelter animals.

Revealing the Other Side of Christmas

Jason Paul Smith at Three Cat Productions brings audiences a new type of holiday show.
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