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The Lessons of Polyamory for Arts Administrators

How loving multiple people influences my work in the arts.

Statistically, Most Mass Shooters Don’t Look Like This

There have been 153 school shootings since 2013. That number is insane.

Re-Reading Tocqueville, America’s Prophet

A re-reading of Tocqueville should be catnip for politicos across the political spectrum.

Art Trend Alert: Power Poses for the Disempowered

Kehinde Wiley, Ricardo Hernandez and Gabriel García Román have unique takes on a great idea.

A Trans Conversation for Christmas

A new tradition in Christmas plays: Santa and the trans community.

Behind the Veil of “Crimson Peak”

Fear, like desire, may foster empowerment or corruption. But it is also the mother of ghosts.

Founding Visions: Charles Ludlam and the Importance of Company

Are theater breakthroughs connected to continuity?

Senate Expected to Approve CISA Surveillance

Apple and Twitter have expressed opposition to invading your privacy.

Colossal Clown Turns “The Grand Tour” Into a Circus

"We get the audience on our side regardless of the situation."

Land and Sea: Two Musical Revivals

Can everything old be made new again? Yes and no.

7 Basics to Building a Successful Arts Marketing Program

An upfront investment will pay off for years to come.

The End of the Paul Taylor Era

A touring dance company is not a viable definition of choreographic success.

The Ladies Who Last: “First Daughter Suite”

Women and daughters in White House extremis.

Obama’s Syria Policy Surrounded, Under Fire

What do you think would work better than Obama's policy? Really: what?

Women in Chicago Theater, Through a Playwright’s Eyes

"...simply having a female leader does not necessarily lead to widespread gender parity."

Founding Visions: The Steppenwolf Sell-Out

Is success a double-edged sword? Is popular theater still Art?

Fail Your Way to the Top

As a culture at large, Americans can understand at least this about artists – they fail.

Peggy Fears: Ziegfeld Girl, Producer, Queen of Fire Island

Her decline as a Broadway impresario was as sudden as her rise.

Labor Regulations to Hurt Nonprofit Arts?

Of course I want to pay our people better. But.

Mission Accomplished: A Musical on the Iraq War

"Consider that an invitation, Mr. President."
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