Beyond Normalcy with Arlene Malinowski


Arlene Malinowski is a dominant presence in the often overlooked theatrical genre of solo performance. As an actress, playwright, contributor to the Huffington Post and mentor to an international network of solo artists, she is passionate about telling her own stories and empowering others to tell theirs. Her most recent one-woman autobiographical plays form the Disability Trilogy, and her latest is A Little Bit Not Normal, which chronicles her experiences with depression and her family’s history of mental illness. For the full list of Malinowski’s upcoming plays and events, visit her website, or learn the art of storytelling yourself by enrolling in her class this fall at Chicago Dramatists.

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Sean Douglass
Sean Douglass is the Managing Editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, as well as an author, playwright and dramaturg. He is the Company Dramaturg for Something Marvelous, Chicago's annual magical realism festival, and has previously worked at Northlight Theatre and Chicago Dramatists. His plays have been produced or developed at UW-Madison, The Vermont College of Fine Arts, The Chicago Fringe Festival, Luminous Theatre of Milwaukee, Something Marvelous, Chicago Dramatists and Stagecloud. He also hosts the CFR's podcast The Scene.