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Global Hot Spots: Both Climate and Military Conflict

What'll you have? Climate change? Endless war? World debt? Or all of it?

All Aboard the Trump-Roller Express!

What happens to liberty?

The Value of Remembering: Memory, Part 2

Good marketing has a good memory.

Hillary Inevitable? Maybe, and Here’s Why

Money like Clinton's doesn't come from teaches and bricklayers.

The Choreography of The Internet of Things

The future is here. It’s just not fully choreographed yet.

What the Rest of the World Asks Me About America

The freedom to be a jackass is a purely American virtue.

Unpacking Planned Parenthood

At some point we have to agree on what life is and when it begins.

Eating Disorders in the Dance World

"I also know that no one wanted to step on my toes and tell me how to live..."

Audiences Assert Their Agency: The End of the Fourth Wall?

The fourth wall is dissolving, and audiences are demanding a greater share of agency in performance.

A Trump Presidency Might Be Fun…and a Total Disaster

There's also a lot to be said for someone familiar with how things work.

TV’s Reboot Fetish: Nostalgia Never Had It So Good

We may long for the shows we enjoyed in the past, but nostalgia is a celebration of old wounds.

Enforcing Silence: What’s at Stake with Cellphone-gazi

Those who actively love theater may be the biggest barriers to necessary change.

Career Calisthenics for Healthier Nonprofit Workers

Nonprofits are nimble, creative and human-centered by design.

Beyond Normalcy with Arlene Malinowski

Arlene Malinowski on using solo shows to change the conversation on mental illness.

Singing the Same-Sex Wedding Bell Blues Part 2

HIV is the madwoman in our collective queer attic.

“Curious Incident” and Autistic Actors on Broadway

Why would "thousands" of people protest actor Tyler Lea?

Let’s Get Real About Iran Nuke Deal

Forget what corporate media and Congressional neocons say. Who's really threatening the world with nuclear weapons?

Bill Cosby Opens a Nightclub

Where every night is ladies' night.

Engagement Is Busting Out All Over

Artists, audiences, arts organizations -- oh my.
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