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Facebook Follies’ Folly

Facebook proves its power when we learn there of a friend's passing.

The Myopic Politics of Gay Marriage

The focus on marriage equality ignores other, even more important, queer political agendas

Marriage Equality for GOP America? What a Trip!

Thanks for flying Intolerant Airlines!

Announcing the 2015 Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award

Celebrate women in musical theatre.

5 More Must-See London Theater Productions

Gets you thinking about conventional limitations, doesn’t it?

The Strong Female Character(s) of Robin Epstein

"I just went with it, threw myself out there."

Why I Gave Up the Confederate Flag When I Turned to Christ

I know plenty of people don't view the flag as a symbol of racial hatred, but plenty more do.

Blogs and Podcasts I’ll Be Devouring This Summer

Time to dive deeper into the words and sounds I barely got to sample last year.

How to Judge Judges and Politicians

And when to run for cover.

Yes, Dancers Should Be Fundraising Tools

Where does this mindset shift begin?

Robert Tenges’s Latest Play is Just, Like, Whatever

A playwright with a teenage son looks at the emotional landscape of adolescence.

Sit, Ubu, Sit! Bad King! Ruff!

"Being a slave, by the way, is my new way to rule!"

NukeBuild: This Will Not End Well

Tensions continue to grow between U.S. and Russia, China as all three refresh nuclear arse

Dating Scene 2015: A Guy and a Girl Meet in a Bar…

Some things never change.

8 Must-See London Theater Productions

The next wave of Great Britain's domination of Broadway.

A Playwright Called Vanda

Part novel, part old-time radio program, part play, part nightclub entertainment.

Sonnets from Shanghai

Chinese students try their hands at Western sonnets...with mixed results
Thoor Ballylee

Let’s Celebrate Yeats’ Home, Not Just His Grave

A final resting place will never have the same creative force as an artistic home.

Ready for an Atwater-Rove Buddy Movie?

If a movie based on the Clintons can't make money, can a movie on Rove and Atwater?

Advice to the Graduates: John Waters and Robert DeNiro

DeNiro's Tisch commencement speech was tragic, but got naive laughs.
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