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Time for Plays That Play With Time

Time often takes its own sweet, or bitter, time.

SCOTUS Could Also Disappoint Everyone

Don’t be surprised if very few are happy with the results.

Mismanagement & The Peking Opera: Part 2

A look at the practice routine and performance of the Peking Opera

“Participatory Management” by CORNER Project’s Taeko Frost

Listening to a community and helping in the right ways.

Eighth Position: Dancers as Fundraising Tools?

Does being personable to donors affect a dancer's career?

Do Non-Binary Androids Dream of Genderless Sex?

Victorian notions of biological sex, gender and sexuality are still our default mode.

The Tom Brady Holiday Weekend

We're all deflated now.

Memorial Day: Reflecting on Our Nation’s Father and Ike

What should our brave warriors fight, suffer and die for?

Finding the Poetry in a Culture at War

Romero's trilogy of plays on the USA at war are "poetic and surprisingly gentle".

How to Cure Capitalism Run Amok? Bring Back Brecht

In the middle of the interview, the table shook and the air ran cold.

“Permission” to Bottom

The playwright who smacks us in the face.

Was Jeb Bush Really Being “Pedantic”?

"The 20 years I've spent as a copy editor won't allow me to let her get away with misusing the word."

More on Politics, Theater Capacity and the Edifice Complex

Build the church for Easter Sunday or for the whole year?
Fun Home

Tony Noms for Best Score, Then and Now: What’s Changed?

What does it mean when the best Broadway songs are almost all in the Tony-nominated revivals?

Universities Embrace the Arts: What Do Artists Get?

Artists so rarely profit from the value they produce.

Remembrance of Nazi Things Past

The legacy of ex-Nazis eluding justice may be over.

Finding the Horror in One of My New Plays

What place do intimate stories of supernatural horror have in the world?

Michael Alig: Painter of Modern Nightlife?

"Like a Pee Wee Herman grin or sweet-looking Kewpie doll that might bite you if touched."

NYC Art, US Court Slap NSA Surveillance

A little less massive snooping into Americans' lives.

The Lessons of Lincoln in 2015

For a marketing professional, it was less his "What?" and more his "How?"
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