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Love Letter to All the Moms — and Mine

We would be nothing without you as our backbone.

Dreyfuss Initiative Urges Civic Education

Actor Richard Dreyfuss dedicates effort to turn American students into active citizens.

What Is Anna Wintour Really Telling Us About Fashion?

The ubiquitous "Vogue" editor is more stylish than fashionable.

Playing Winston Churchill: Monumental Man, Not Myth

A Victorian man in a modern age.

No Wombs for Rent: The Dolce & Gabbana Debate We Didn’t Have

The moral and emotional implications of a purchased family.

A Magical Interruption

Join us as we discuss MT Cozzola's newest play Pop Up Kid, as well as all things Magical Realism.

Grading Hillary Clinton’s Policy Positions

Most voters don't know who or what Clinton is.

Uniformity in Nonconformity

Imagine a world without the uniformity of dress.

Debbie and Rand’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure

The first rule of running for anything is to straddle the fence.

Mismanagement & The Peking Opera: Part 1

In part 1 of this 2 part piece, James voices concern for the mismanagement that seems to constantly surround him.

Politicians, Theater Capacity and the Edifice Complex

Fighting politicians' bad arts facility ideas with good ones.
Alan Jay Lerner

Overreaching Revisions of Broadway Revivals

"Gigi" and "An American in Paris" underline a disturbing trend.

Teaching Children Shakespeare

"Kids want power. The word they hear the most is, 'No.' What they get when working on a Shakespearean play is a big, 'Yes' and they are empowered."

‘Encanta’ As a Celebration

A play honoring Lana Parrilla's performance on ABC's "Once Upon A Time," celebrated love and passion between women, between people of color, and between LGBT people.

Rand Paul: The Kinder, Gentler Southern Avenger

Another bargain-basement right-winger, this one wearing civil-liberty lip-gloss.

The New York Times on Just Being a Guy

This just raises so many questions . . . and resolves none of them.

The Legacy Project of a Theatrical Producer

Shouldn't every child be able to see classic plays and musicals?

Fresh Off a Rocky Boat

My message to Eddie Huang.
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