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The Patriotism of Rudolph Giuliani

"So it’s an interesting notion of love of country that Giuliani expressed last week..."

The Awful Impact of Government Distrust

America is being held together by bitter disagreement.

Transformations in Writing from the Self

What it meant for me to write a play from the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality

Anti-Haters Gonna Hate

The good reputation they enjoyed in their early years has turned them into the very thing they have rightly sought to eradicate.

Home Again: Back in the South

James heads home and laments the difficulties of escaping China.

The Murder of the Creative Class

Scott Timberg says that the creative class is being killed. What are you going to do about

Building Better Buildings for the Arts

Now all we have to do is convince our clients...

“Hamilton” as Superb Edutainment

Lin-Manuel MIranda's new musical has extra-special potential.

A Playwright and Director on a Pilgrimage

On "The Mecca Tales" and pilgrimage.

Next on SNL: Selling Drones to Terrorists!

The would-be terrorists start laughing.

To Love a Mockingbird

Unstinting progressivism that practically leaps off the page.

Quit Dumping on Middle-Aged Women

I don’t know how these messages break down along other racial, ethnic or class lines.

The Sisterhood of Roller Derby

My teammates are like my sisters, cousins. The refs are like my brothers... I've made some of my best friends in this team.

Reflections “From Hell”: Alan Moore and Jack the Ripper

Alan Moore’s Jack the Ripper story: the most amazing graphic novel you probably haven’t read.

My Pick to Replace Jon Stewart: It’s Not Who You Think

Check him out and tell me what you think.

Would Greek EU Exit Create a Global Domino Effect?

Fasten your seat belts.

Sandbagged by Handbags

What does the high-priced woman's handbag say about us?

Kanye, Beck and the Grammys: Samsung Weighs In

It not only listens in, it tells you what it thinks!

What Show Must Go On?

What is the point of live performance now that there’s an Internet?

From Ukrainian Prince to Burlesque Queen

What Adah Isaacs Menken and Ivan Mazeppa had in common: cultural evolution.
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