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2016 at the Supreme Court: As Political as the Election

This year’s decisions will be especially explosive.

Truth to Power: The Art of the Clap Back

The pinnacle of interpersonal checks and balances.

Jeb’s New Job: Taking Trump Down With Him

The designated man to dump on Trump and leave Rubio alone.
An open bank vault.

On Establishing a National Cultural Bank

A bank to meet systemic cultural investment needs.

Giving Up on Theatrical Stockholm Syndrome

Theater artists love the abuse they receive from the theater system, which makes change impossible.

A Survey of Art’s Best in 2015

A list of lists.

Taking Umbridge with Donald Trump

When I see Donald Trump on the news, I think of how easy it is for humanity to become blind to itself.

Make Way for The Make Ready

Dandelion Theatre's The Make Ready is a safe and productive space for both actors and playwrights.

Does “Fiddler” on Broadway Meddle with the Shtetl?

This "Fiddler" is forever.

No Regrets: Edith Piaf’s Centennial Gala

An all-star lineup celebrated the chanteuse’s powerful legacy.

GOP Politics Ends 2015 (How Else?) on a Low Note

Ted Cruz can twang that accent and sound like a good ol' boy when it serves his purposes.

U.S. Prisons: Sense and Sentencing

Is any “rehabilitation” (a loaded term) going on in the prison system at all?

Your Winter Break Assignment: Watching Jessica Jones

Upending bad guys, genre tropes and viewer expectations.

Women Leading in Theatre Need Power, Focus, Vision

Many times we discover our authentic voice or true calling later in life.

Gender Parity: We Must Stop Believing Stupid Things

"Before that moment, no one had ever said anything like that to me."

Al Pacino Thrashes a “China Doll”

David Mamet has something here. But what?

“The Color Purple” Turns Broadway Red Hot

Cynthia Erivo is the toast of the town.

Why I Want to Work & Play Like A Child in 2016

In the new year, I won't be so scripted. I want to be open and have fun.

Meghan Beals Brings New Plays to Chicago in 2016

Beautiful Autistic and American Beauty Shop examine humor and pain in two contemporary conflicts.
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