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When Art Venues (Might, But Probably Won’t) Attack

Bravely signing waivers to have a vaguely extraordinary artistic experience.

America’s Major Misnomer: The USA Freedom Act

Freedom from government spying: part of the country’s past.

A Bush Insider Cites War Crimes Against His President, VP

Justice keeps creeping in on W., Cheney and Rumsfeld.

A 30-Year Milestone — Or Millstone?

Like most new converts, though, I didn’t feel very moderate about my newfound faith. I was a fanatic.

Maya Angelou Dies at 86

A remembrance, facts and celebrity reactions

The After-Effects of the Balanchine Body on American Ballet

George Balanchine was not a racist, but...

Why Nonprofiteers Fall In and Out of Love With Work

What drives us to—and away from—nonprofit jobs?

At What Age is “Promising” No Longer Promising?

Theater vet Arthur Perlman's Kleban Prize as "promising" raises some questions.

Russia, China Forsake the Dollar, Pressing U.S., EU

Oil, gas and gold rule, as Moscow, Beijing and BRICS push farther away from West.

Please, FCC: Don’t Give up on Net Neutrality

The free press depends on it.

Solange Knowles Meets Donald Sterling on an Elevator

Good thing she didn't have a pair of clippers in her hands.

Playwright Bill Rosenfield on Adaptations & Drama Desks

From kicking Tom Hanks off the stage to prepping scripts on the fly.

Maira Kalman: Mental Magpie

The artist’s work is immediately recognizable. I’d argue she’s making comics.

Charles James’ Fashions are Precisely What They “Seam”

A spectacular Met Museum tribute for the influential mid-century couturier.

Republican Steve Wiles and Mona, His Alter Ego

The anti-gay Republican from North Carolina once worked as a female impersonator

Sixty Years of Godzilla, Born From the Bomb

The perennial "King of the Monsters" is back again. Run!

Uncomfortable in the Audience

Tell us about the times you've physically suffered through performances.
Same-Sex Marriage

AR Judge is Civil Rights Hero Over Marriage Equality

We need more people like Judge Piazza in Washington, DC.

At Westminster: Stars and Stripes, Axelrod and Messina

Two former Obama aides have chosen opposing sides to hawk their wares.

Tony Nominations: The Snubs Less Noted

What about recognizing artisans in wig making and video projections?
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