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Antigay Bill Goes on the Road?

Arizona down, 13 states more to go.

Broadway Blooms with Blind Items

Rumors about two new musicals.

Can Mayor Marty Walsh Rescue Boston’s Creative Economy?

Fighting for fair labor practices for artists at a public hearing.

The ‘Subhuman’ Rants of Ted Nugent and Alec Baldwin

For two people so unalike, they sure have a lot in common.
Philip Seymour Hoffman

To Philip Seymour Hoffman, With Gratitude and Anger

Was he really "the greatest actor of his generation"?

Playing It Straight, But Not Before 1869

We did not invent "heterosexual," we invented the concept.

In Defense of Pet Dinosaurs

Some Americans believe Dino was really Fred Flintstones' pet dinosaur.

Critical I: Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

"On the other hand, you don’t have to get paid to be good..."

Improv and ArtsEdTech with The Engaging Educator

People think "improv" equals "standup" – so not true. Improv is all about communication.

Johnny Cash Tribute Dances Around a “Ring of Fire”

The Nashville Ballet's performance celebrated Johnny and June's love.

Bring Back the Olympic Amateurs!

More about athletes, less about nationalism and materialism?

Zombies Just Won’t Die

Hanging around since 2002, never outliving their stay.

Crowdfunding: Fiscal Democracy for the Masses

What does the end of the "qualified investor" restriction mean?

R.I.P., Everyone

Death is guaranteed, but living a wondrous life is not. It's the life that matters.

A Journalist’s Concern about the Clintons

They began with brilliance and hope, but became consumed with power.

Collective Memory in the Plays of Nilo Cruz

Recalling 900 Jewish refugees, and themselves.

Looking for the “Made in America” Label

Plugging homemade products, eschewing sweatshops.

Alcoholic Girl on the Rocks

The upside of hitting 15.

On Privacy, Freedom and Edward Snowden

Changes in technology shouldn't automatically change our rights.
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