Thanks for the Season


I am thankful for:

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…every night that turned to morning while I was arguing with a friend.

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…every morning I blink awake next to my wife, warm and safe at home.

….every home I’ve ever made or left and all those waiting, god willing, down the road.

…every road that led me into the wild and every one that led me out.

…every out I’ve ever been offered and the courage to stay in the game.

…every game some sweet, smiling hustler played on me for you, you bastards, have been my true teachers.

…every teacher who tried to teach me, my true apologies for my wandering mind.

…every mind that glimpsed some kind of wonder and had the patience and discipline to write those glimpses down in a book.

…every book. Every single goddamned book in every library, store and bookshelf in the world.

…every world that opened to me, strange and new, only to become a safe place filled with work and friends.

…every friend, faithless, fair-weather, childhood and distant, constant and true; you are the only reason that I am still here, working, thinking, dreaming.

…every dream that died in my hands, horrible, painful, irrevocably; your private, silently keening burials are the most agonizing, living moments of my life.

…every life I’ve touched, bruised, mangled, lightened, deepened, disrupted or just been able to quietly witness.

…every witness that will inevitably be called to my trial.

…every trail I’ve faced, literal and otherwise, every opportunity to stand in public and set the record straight or simply admit to the crime.

…every crime I’ve committed, both the simple human betrayals and acts borne of weakness and the larger, legal transgressions, for these have been my moral lessons, these are the decisions and acts that wake me at night and make me confront myself and once shame burns away, these are the reflections that make me, in the end, a better man.

…every man, every miracle, every woman, every wonder, every child, every challenge I’ve known.

…every single miracle and the ability to recognize each one.

We may rage and blunder and cause catastrophic horror, or sit dumbly by while someone else does the deed, but in the end we are nothing short of miraculous.

I am thankful for the miracle of us.

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John Clancy is an OBIE award winning director and a founding artistic director of the New York International Fringe Festival. His productions have won six Scotsman Fringe Firsts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is a partner in Clancy Productions, serves as the Executive Director of the League of Independent Theater, the advocacy group for Off-Off Broadway, and is Board President of the LIT Fund. He lives on the Lower East Side with his wife, Nancy Walsh.