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The Audacity of Change

Health care is more than Obama's legacy; it's the Democratic Party's future.

Thanks for the Season

A personal and theatrical expression of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

Counting the Rings of Harvard Wood

Bam! Instant artistic community.

“Song of Spider-Man” Sings a Melancholy Tune

Glen Berger's book examines Julie Taymor's extravagant mediocrity.

Rylance’s Richard III: The Very Model of a Time Machine

The art seems to emerge from the artifice.

All About My Gag Reflex

Come on. I'm just saying what you feel.

All In This Together: The Case for National Service

America's kids could find they share a country in common.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. (and Don’t You Forget It!)

Singing each lyric as if it were the first time.

Politics and Paintings Stir Vienna

A theater usher rebels, and Lucien Freud and Emil Nolde reign.

Heart of an Amateur (Part 3)

A theater crossroads: Amateur idealism or professional pragmatism? It's time to choose.

U.S. Indicates Assange Not Under Sealed Indictment

After 3-year secret investigation, what are prosecutors, by leaking information, up to now?

Sable Hunter’s Secret Cravings

Writing passion with a mind for business.

Politics–The Only Game in Town

It's time to take back the power intended for "We the people."

The Real Silent Killer: Voter Indifference

Plato: "The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

A Couple of “Steal” Magnolias

Some supporting actresses who steal the show!

Eat Your Dogfood

Writing candidly about reconciling my choreographer-self and consultant-self.

Oz Nashville’s Wonderful World of Arts

The new complex will be the home of multi-disciplinary "Brave New Art."

“HackPolitik” Brings Anonymous to the Ballet

Cyber activism, gender identity and online personas meet ballet onstage.

The Poor and Mighty

Before art is beautiful or divine or anything else, it is manual labor.

Ink It Like Beckham, or Do You Tattoo?

Tattoos are fashionable, but for how long?
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