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The Cast’s the Thing

No actor is good enough to save some awful shows.

Annoying @Actor_Friend is #SOBLESSED

How a Twitter account's poking fun at actors led to 10,000 followers and launching a new book.

Gotham Chamber Opera Parties Like It’s 1927

The company sets itself well apart from the competition.

Artists Unite!

The arts are not a luxury. The arts are the solution.

Abstraction + Geometry = Abstractometry

Exhibition shows the power of abstract images to evoke pure, intense emotional responses.

Jews in Dire Straits on New York Stages

Three plays currently running delve deeply into Jewish anxieties.

Too Poor for Government Assistance?

Five million adults are trapped in Obamacare's black hole.

The Great “White” Way

Can Broadway get away with being this dumb about race?

Playing the Race Card? Deal it Face Up

The preposterous nature of maligning Obama sets it far apart from the norm.

Fashion Fights the Tyranny of the Cloud

Designer Rachael Reichert blends fashion and film in a cautionary tale.

Contest, Please? We’re Electing a Mayor

Like choruses of Kumbaya, only louder

The Story of Dunwoody

A model for debt-saddled college grads -- and maybe the rest of our economy.

Why Is a Tie a Pain in the Neck?

Saying no to the noose.

In Search of a Vision for the American Theatre (Part 1)

We light our candles on the candles of our predecessors.

The World’s Water: More Precious than Gold and Oil

Recent reports show concern for supply, seek solutions.

Paige Braddock Changes the World Without Bending or Breaking It

Comics creator is an icon for our times.

Will “Bullets Over Broadway” Shoot Close? Plus Two Blind Items

Sexy boy-toys vs. handsome young companions

Photographer Rebecca Drolen Lets Her Hair Down

Hair - and the lack of it - has power.

The Most Theatrical Halloween Celebrations

A fetish festival, haunted library and Steampunk party top the list.

Burgtheater Experiences the Bard and Debt

National treasure, while honoring Hamlet's ghost, suffers specter of stark economy.
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