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Marvel’s Agents and Marvelous Fox Spice the New Season

Allison Janney can do no wrong.

Tossing Back a Terrific “Tempest” at the Delacorte

Extending Joseph Papp's bow to the Public.
The Fantastic Four

The Junction to Everywhere

Comics are changing what it means to work in print media, but they're also taking new forms.

On Fathers and Sons (and Alexander the Great)

A graphic novel I wrote ten years ago teaches me lessons about what my father meant to me.

The Case for Human Labor: Hello, Yin? Yang Calling

Please don't condescend to me by calling me an asset. Consider me a vendor.

Circling the Drain: Depression in Comedy

Comedy about depression, anger, rage, impotence, personal failure and self-hatred: a good time.

Focus on Filmmakers: Adam Forrester

Filmmaker Adam Forrester spills the dirt on his craft.

ArtsEd Comeback? Ravitch Rails at “The Reign of Error”

Truth or consequences, bluntly put.

The Fed Flinches, Market Participants Get Burned

Some days it's a bitch to be rich.

Another Brick in the Theatrical Wall

Hey! Theatre teacher! Leave them kids alone!

Ready for Medicare: The Emmy Awards at 65

Two words - Sofia Vergara - it's all downhill after that.

Google Goes Constitutional, Globally

The mammoth reference site's Constitute offers 160 nations' basic-rights documents online.

Art is Alive (and Growing)

Bacteria as not only friend, but art supply.

Lauren Yarger Reflects on Reflections in the Light

A Christian critic with greasepaint in her DNA.
Throne of Weapons

A Brief History of Artists Using Guns

21st century artists are recycling guns, peacefully, into useful tools.

Marc Spitz Exacts “Revenge and Guilt” (and Farce)

"Have you ever talked to a corpse? It's boring! I'm lonely!"

An Open Letter to Wayne LaPierre

Hey, Wayne, did you realize since Newtown, there have been 17 mass shootings in the U.S.?
Giving Assistant

Through Errickson’s Eyes: Boomerang Theatre at 15

That weird thing that goes unnoticed if you do it right.

Virginia Tech Survivor in Documentary and Live Event

"Living for 32" follows Colin Goddard, who was shot 4 times during the 2007 massacre.
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