The Emmy Nominations Are Out and There’s a “New Girl in Town”

Kevin Spacey in "House of Cards"
Kevin Spacey in "House of Cards"
Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Everybody’s been talking about the Emmy nominations, but now there’s a new girl in town and her name is Netflix. The streaming “network” became a serious Emmy contender with an astonishing 14 nominations for its three series, House of Cards, Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove. What is most important in this new development is that these series were created specifically for Internet streaming. Could this be the future of TV? Where will that leave network and cable outlets?

Last year, when ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live, both series were picked up by Prospect Park, a company that proposed streaming them on the Internet. After months of negotiations with actors, agents and ABC, Prospect Park managed to get these shows up and running on TOLN (The On Line Network). Although the TVJ has always been addicted (yes, addicted) to daytime drama, the remounting wasn’t on the top of her viewing list. The thought of sitting in front of a computer and watching Adam, Brooke, Vicki, Clint, Dorian, Blair and Todd left the TVJ cold.

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Before the shows were off the air, the TVJ launched a Facebook page asking “Oprah Winfrey & OWN – Help Save ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’.” Flash forward to June and the announcement that Oprah would be re-broadcasting the shows on OWN. I’m sorry, is there an echo in here? No dumb bunny, Oprah eventually wound up with the shows without having to pay any productions costs. Since the relaunch on OWN, the TVJ has been glued to the set and there she is again…SLAP!!! ADDICTED!!!

And that brings us to the future of television (see above) and Internet vs. “Old Faithful.” Until the TVJ sits down and watches the Netflix shows, judgment will be reserved. One thing is for sure, the quality of Prospect Park’s shows is greatly inferior to network quality. There were times when the dialog was not in synch and the visual quality sometimes looked cheesy. But is having both All My Children and One Life to Live back, worth the less-than-stellar production values?

Now back to the TVJ’s “how could they have not nominated them” brief Emmy tirade. How can The Big Bang Theory be the best of the best (The TVJ is a HUGE fan!) and Jim Parsons be the only one nominated? Uh, Kaley Cuoco? Johnny Galecki? Melissa Rauch? Mayim Bialik? Kunal Nuyyar? Simon Helberg? Ok, ALL of them!

Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black
Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black

Then there’s the BBC, which seems to work well for Downton Abbey, but not so for their other offerings. This year’s best performance by an actress in a drama series is, by far, without a doubt in the TVJ’s mind, Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black a brilliant gift from the BBC and a one-woman tour-de-force. Maslany portrays at least 6 characters, so far and not one of them received an Emmy nod. Neither did the other BBC show, Call the Midwife or the TVJ’s favorite midwife, Chummy, played to perfection by award-winning actress Miranda Hart.

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The Cast of "Devious Maids"
The Cast of Devious Maids

Devious Maids! There, I’ve said it. What could Marc Cherry possibly do to follow Desperate Housewives? This show is so far out there that it’s on another level altogether. The men are sleazy and vile, the wives are ridiculously vacuous and the maids are way ahead of their employers, making it absurdly hilarious. It’s also great to see Susan Lucci play someone other than Erica Kane. Lucci’s acting has come a long way, making her Genevieve Delatour totally believable…well, maybe in a ridiculously-beyond-over-the-top way. But the real stars of the show are Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez and Edy Ganem. These women might portray maids, but they are no dummies! The main plot follows Marisol (Ortiz), who goes undercover to prove her son’s innocence in a murder. Along the way, we see the division between the women and the people they work for and, with Lucci and Reyes, as her faithful maid (and sometimes partner in crime and reality check) Zoila, even a close friendship after so many years together. The show really is a great who-dunnit, with twists and turns along the way that keep you coming back for more. Sources tell the TVJ that this show, which follows another of the TVJ’s faves, Drop Dead Diva, is the biggest hit that Lifetime TV has ever had. Long may it run!

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The TVJ has learned that Sharknado’s next target will be New York City. Hey, we’re a city full of sharks and we survived Sandy. The TVJ says, “Bring it on, Sharknado…bring it on!”

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