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Mount Doom

In Defense of Fantasy

What does fantasy, specifically, offer us?

It’s Not that I Mind that Rich People Are Rich

But I do mind that the rich are pushing us into economic slavery.

To MFA or Not To MFA

Many go to grad school for the wrong reasons. What are the right ones? Alternatives?

Senator Assange?

Wikileaks founder/publisher, under diplomatic asylum, announces candidacy.

Wheat Rust: Documenting the Fight Against a Deadly Pathogen

Traveling the world to interview farmers directly affected.

Dreams With Sharp Teeth

A talk with Alex CF, musician, collector and visual artist of the macabre, about Merrylin House.

The Weird, Wonderful World of Manga (part 2)

Katsuhiro Otomo's comics masterpiece, Akira, serves up not just one apocalypse, but two.

Here We Go Again: Take Your NEA Battle Cry and Shove It

Can we think outside of the traditional arts advocacy box?

Clara Hieronymus: An Incomparable Inspiration at 100

Happy birthday to an active, engaged and great theater critic.

Paul’s Playing, Linda’s Pictures Grace Vienna

Summer also highlights painters like Albert Oehlen, writers, and dance.

HowlRound, New Crit and Controversy

Why it's so hard to critique the ones we love

In Us We Trust

The theatre world should look to baseball as a community model.

Trayvon Martin, David Hammons and How to Think About Hoods

Racists harping on hoodies need to STFU and learn something from art.

Finland’s “Fairer” Copyright Law from the People

History made as Parliament must vote on bill proposed by petition.

Creature Feature Comforts

If dumb disaster porn guarantees success at the box office, up with failures like "Pacific Rim."

What Is It With Actors, Hollywood and Guns?

In hot summer, get cool with guns, posters tell us.

A Nation of Sheep Led to…Where?

Four recent major examples of our government abusing average citizens, including college students.

On TV, Ovation Pushes Action, Airtime and Applause

On the trail of America's arts network: CFR commentary and Q&A with the COO.

It’s Time To Mess With Texas

Ladies, it's time to fight! It's time to take back control of your own bodies.

The Impending Triumph of Osama bin Laden

Mr. bin Laden's followers have to be deeply happy about the state of the American psyche.
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