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Angelina Jolie, Gay Marriage, and Voting Rights

The Supreme Court this term weighs very human issues.

Blog Comments Meld to Performance Art

UK's Guardian turns to NY theatre group for tight artistic interpretation.

Entertation Index May 20-31: Bea Arthur in Repose

Bieber booed, John Connor has no fate but what he makes, and Courtney Stodden surprises no one!

5 Questions: Pandora Boxx Has Tongues Wagging!

Here's her five needs of Dragdom.
ArtsEdTech panel at Apple SoHo

Where Arts, Education and Tech Fanatics Gather

Since launching ArtsEdTechNYC a few weeks ago, the author finds things suddenly are en fuego.

Art-Provoking Thought

Paralyzed former teacher paints using tech and brainwaves.
John Clancy

On Rehearsal

It is impossible to discover anything if you believe you already know what it is.

Cinderella Stories, or Girls Take Broadway

The Cinderella formula is increasingly affecting what musicals get produced.

Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”: What Dreams Are Made Of

Groundbreaking series, now a classic, represents a turning point in the evolution of comics.

Art Sellout Danger in Detroit

Motor City's emergency manager may hawk DIA's art worth billions.

Savages’ Debut Album: “Silence Yourself”

It's loud and abrasive and angry. All in a good way.

Theatre Royal Stays Open via Grant

Scottish stage in Dumfries receives £455,000.

5 Questions: David Greenspan on David Greenspan on “queerSpawn”

Satire is what closes on Saturday night.
Guy Gavriel Kay

River of Words: Outsiders in Guy Gavriel Kay

How do we reconcile modern standards of social justice with medievalist fiction?

Austerity as Failure and Killer

Authoritative voices list deadly results of governments' fiscal iron hands.

Short Subject Time

Are the boots too kinky? Or not kinky enough? Plus, other eternal questions.

Glancing Blows: From Art Basel to Richter

Brief huffs and puffs ranging from critics fading to the art market rising.

The Artistry of Meaningful Communication is Dead

Is our reliance on technology killing our ability to genuinely communicate with one another?

Benghazi vs The Entire Iraq Debacle

Congress, the cover-up you should have uncovered is Iraq criminal actions by the Bush Warriors.
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