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Spring Comes to Vienna!

A grand season begins, and includes Emperor Maximilian and Anna Netrebko.

Don’t Stay in School

Grad school is a waste of time and money for an actor. But is it a fraud?

Will UK Finally Jail Banksters? US Next?

Brit banking commission eyes putting financial lawbreakers behind bars.

Elaine Stritch Took Advantage of Me and Vice Versa

When she goes--if she goes--she goes as one of the irreplaceables.

5 Questions: Marilyn Monroe Sings the Song of “Siren’s Heart”

"I was a poor girl and did what poor girls did to survive."

UK Culture Secretary: Cut Soul, Push Purse Strings

Maria Miller says focus on economic, not artistic, value.

Muslim Fever

We need to stop labeling all Muslims as fanatics.

Senate Scraps CISPA…But Watch Your Back

In reality, your government wants secrecy...for itself...not you.

Tyson Slam Dunks Tyson

Broadway gossip that smashes through the ceiling.

On Analogizing People to Vermin

A response to the Lipstick Conservative.

Water Supply: State of the World

Latest global developments regarding our vital natural resource.

Human Genes, Baseball Bats, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Supreme Court ponders patents for genetic material.

Entertation Index Apr 8-19: Bieber’s Gaffe, Hagar’s Lament

Kardashians scripted? Snipes unleashed? Sabbath relevant? Noooo!
Magnolia March Image by Josh Coen

Magnolia March: Artists Take a Peaceful Stand Against Violence

The traditional New Orleans-style funeral processional will organize on April 27 at Lincoln Center.

Islamic Militants and the Cockroach Effect

You will try in vain to stomp, smash, or squish the grotesque leathery shelled creature...but you will fail.

Organist Cameron Carpenter Puts the Pedals to the Metal

Certainly not your grandmother's idea of a church organist.
Stained glass window

Who’s Afraid of the F Word: “Feminism”?

A playwright/Presbyterian pastor takes on Beliefnet.

The Future Is Unwritten

Let's get started. Let's run like blind lunatics, like lemmings in love with the cliff.

5 Questions: Anastasia Barzee Harkens Back to Bacharach

The first thing I tried to come up with was "To whom am I singing this?"

5 Questions: Tom Gualtieri On “That Play” (Psst! A Solo “Macbeth”)

If you're not having fun playing the most tragic characters in the theatre, you're doing it wrong.
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