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Edna Glaubman: A Master’s Art Returns

A large Florida retrospective includes work unseen for 30 years.

Malaysia’s High Court Nixes Borders Bookstore Prosecution

Calls JAWI's raiding the shop illegal.

Low’s Introspective New Album Released

"The Invisible Way" is suited for solitary, candle-lit reflection and prayer.

American Citizenship For Sale

Give me your poor...or better yet a million bucks.

Circus Maximus: “Eliogabalo” at The Box

Gotham Chamber Opera's Cavalli production is zany and fun.

5 Questions: Nathan Lee Graham Tells Us How to “Hit the Wall”

"In my opinion, there would have always been a Stonewall."

Company’s Marathon: All Shakespeare, All the Time

Members of the public join actors in NYC back-to-back reading of Shakespeare's plays.

Dear Bill, Danke for DOMA

Whether he was conscious of it or not, Bill was buying us time! Dude!

The Future of the Arts Newsroom

Why should we worry about the future of the arts newsroom, or any newsroom?

Harold Prince Musical Dethroned?

Plus, insider Tonys dish way, way hotter than the actual nominees.

“The Next Great Copyright Act”

Pallante's phrase is her clarion call for major revisions.

Will Eisner, You Did So Much for Us

Heralded as the grandfather of comics, his legacy still defines them.

5 Questions: Desiree Sanchez Models Her Modern “Herakles”

"Herakles mistakenly kills his children but thinks he is killing the children of his enemy."

Entertation Index Mar 11 – 22: Of Biebs and Band Names

Another Clerks? Miley single? Lauer in for Trebek? So many questions!

Ancient American Splendor Is on Display at the Frist

3,000 years' worth of artworks and artifacts from the pre-Columbian New World.

Paintings Stolen? The Mafia? Why, Of Course.

Brit art critic attributes all major art thefts to the mob.

CitiGroup Has 2,909,547 Reasons To Ask Artists For Free Labor

Sometimes an "opportunity" is not an opportunity.
Flying too high or low?

The Arts Nonprofit Career: How High Will You Choose to Fly?

Not straying away from expectation and letting fear freeze you dead in your tracks.

France Returns Nazi-Era Art to American

Paris ceremony features six paintings.
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