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Our Water Supply: Science, Industry Weigh the Future

Global reports range from wary to alarming.

The (Arts) Battle of Britain Takes Spotlight

National Theatre artistic director, British culture secretary face off over arts cuts.

On Building a Theater

The physical, personal and social processes that make a theater a theater.

35 Years of Women Playwrights’ Voices Center Stage

The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize is seeing a major celebration.
Earth & Mars

The Martians Aren’t Coming (to Rescue Us)

Less than a month until the world ends, there's bad news about life on Mars.

Privacy Takes Another Hit

California initiative uses fear to invade cyberspace privacy.

Nudity and Community Theater

Controversial themes can bring unpredictable reactions from audiences

Ray of Light: Madonna Russian Lawsuit Dismissed

Pop music icon was being sued for supporting gay rights.

Demographonomics and the Fiscal Cliff

A detached, politically correctless look at the forces growing the economy in the years ahead.

Ancient Empires, Schoolgirl Angst: Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis

A coming of age story all the more extraordinary because it takes place during the Iranian revolution.

Magnificence and Gallantry Elude Sarkozy, Energize France

Disparaging a beloved novel resulted in a thoughtful, complicated backlash.

Obama Dances the Burma Shuffle

The contradictory president talks democracy, but what's he really up to?

Entertation Index Nov. 12-23: Sticky (The) Situation

An Oscar for Fiona? Justin and Selena call it quits...again, American Chopper calls it a decade, and more.

On Judith A. Dobrzynski and When Arts Leaders Act Like Lemmings

Nothing is a good idea for absolutely everybody.

Focus on Filmmakers: Justin Eugene Evans

Narrative filmmaker Justin Eugene Evans explains what's wrong with Hollywood

Louise Erdrich, Katherine Boo Win National Book Awards

Novel "The Round House," nonfiction "Beyond the Beautiful Forevers" take top honors.

A People’s Bailout Begins to Forgive Debt

A fledgling $2 million Occupy Wall Street offshoot just might spread nationwide.

The Woman Who Made “Cats” Possible

Closely-guarded Valerie Eliot opened her arms to the classic musical.

A Farewell to Arms: Kucinich Briefing to Blast Drones Program

The veteran Congressman is leaving office with a war cry against endless war.
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