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  1. TammyTammy10-30-2010

    Ten years from now Gretchen will be selling her riduculous earthy-crunchy clothes and hand-made jewelry at the weekend Saturday Market in Oregon and bossing around the other outdoor vendors under the guise of giving helpful advice; Mondo will be a huge creative success on the New York runways!

  2. DeniseDenise10-30-2010

    I am still in shock. Mondo’s collection was far and away better than Gretchen’s. (As was Andy’s.) Not only did the wrong designer win, they rewarded Wretchen for her nasty, backstabbing behavior. I can’t wait to see her collection in Big Lots.

  3. KarenKaren10-30-2010

    This is the first time I have ever written…but the audacity of knots and Garcia supporting Gretchen was I feel purely personal in that mondo stayed true to himself and not to them…they criticized others for not staying true and then when mondo does rather than taking their command…they oust him…Monro’s fashions so outclassed gretchen’s 70’s fluff…I am sad and frustrated all in one and can’t imagine how mondo must feel…don’t give up mondo…you are sooooo talented…

  4. LesleeLeslee10-30-2010

    Yes, hurrah for Gretchen’s horrible little panty outfits. In what era was that fashionable? Certainly not this one.

    Mondo is unique and deserved to win. I think Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have lost their minds.

    I don’t know one woman who would be caught dead in those ugly clothes of Gretchen’s. Well, maybe dead. They do seem perfect for funerals.

  5. SashSash10-30-2010

    I don’t know what the hell they were thinking!!! As a designer Mondo was miles a head of Gretchen. Gretchen’s collection was dull, boring, and unoriginal. It also looked to me that Michael Kors was a bit jealous of Mondo’s creativity and talent. That’s why he was so adamant about Gretchen b/c she is the same “type” of designer as him i.e. dull, boring, unoriginal, and completely forgettable! Generations from now no one will remember either Micheal Kors or Gretchen but Mondo is an original.

  6. gisellegiselle10-30-2010

    First let me say that I was a fan of Mondo from the very beginning, but I have to agree with the judges on their decision. Gretchen’s collection was more polished, chic and very expensive looking. Mondo’s although nice and very colorful to took at, was very confusing. He’s first blouse/short combo was more mature and the rest became to young and costume like. I actually liked Andy’s collection more than Mondo’s. Please watch the show again and everyone will see what I mean….

  7. KellyKelly10-30-2010

    Move over Jaclyn Smith Your competition has just won Project Runway. I am glad to know that the judges picked the more practical line. I can just imagine the average woman wearing panties to the grocery store, work or a PTA meeting. I especially look forward to seeing the green leather cover and panties on the beach this summer. Way to go judges. You really know the brown drab desires of the average woman.

  8. stephaniestephanie10-30-2010

    i couldnt believe Gretchen won. And the argument was infuriating! If, as Michael Kors put it, gretchen’s fashion is “what’s next” then i plan on going naked. Her dirt coloured garments looked like they were from a second hand store. The judges were right that Gretchen’s clothes will be in department stores…probably on the racks at Target any day now. I’m certain Mondo will be a huge success while Gretchen sinks into obscurity.

  9. megmeg10-30-2010

    You are all sweetly naive. There are always one or two contestants each season chosen by the producers to be the designer(s) viewers ture in each week to hate.

    I have never met Gretchen Jones but I loved her clothes and I think people dislike her because she is a strong and outspoken woman.

  10. JAckieJAckie10-30-2010

    Not everyone was backstabbing. Michael C did not say a bad word about anyone. He should have been in the final 3. Michael C, Andy & Mondo. Gretchen did not belong there and DID NOT deserve to win! MONDO all the way. I read that Michael C. & Mondo are getting a show. They deserve it!

  11. AuraAura10-30-2010

    I loved Mondo’s creations and he will succeed. Gretchen is a drama queen and the producers of Project Runway kept her on and hoped this would help in the ratings. They selected as a finalist Drama Queen Gretchen who designed those ugly ill fitted green play shorts. Michael Kor described Gretchen’s designs as granola and then he picked her as one of the finalist; figure that one. Gretchen won but I think Mondo will get some offers.

    I loved Emilio Sosa’s designs; Seth Aaron’s designs were beautifully crafted but then some of his designs were a little out there. Check out Seth Aaron’s latest collection for 2010.