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  1. A Real New YorkerA Real New Yorker11-16-2010

    FYI, while 206 may be one of few remaining federal rowhouses on the Bowery with its original dormer windows, it is by far not THE last one. There are dozens of them all up and down the Bowery from Chatam Sq all the way to Cooper Sq. they have just been so altered over the years that to the untrained eye they may not be obvious but if you look at the adjacent bldgs on either side of 206 in your photo, the window lines match up which one can assume they were all built as a row at the same time. I would even go as far as to say that 90% of the 3-story bldgs that line the Bowery were built in the federal era from the 1790s thru the 1830s. check your facts next time!