One Bill Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


By Stefanie Schappert
Special to the Clyde Fitch Report

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Last Sunday afternoon, Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi triumphantly walked down the steps of Capitol Hill holding a symbolic, oversized gavel to represent one that was used when Medicare was passed into law in 1965. Outside her ring of lapdogs and security goons, thousands of protesters gathered to try and pressure their members of Congress to vote no on Obama’s healthcare reform. I don’t think she noticed a thing. Pelosi was probably too giddy over finally getting the 216 votes the Democrats needed to pass the bill in the House. Now, it’s not done deal yet; there are still some debates to be had, some states are threatening to sue in federal court for the option to opt out, and there are some fixes that have to go through the Senate that could start the House voting process all over again. But, by and large, after a year of never-ending healthcare speeches (54 and counting), proclamations, threats, cajoling, sweetheart deals, legislative tweaking, and 11th hour strong-arming, Obama and his team have finally managed to pass the historic healthcare legislation he promised so long ago. Good for them. Right?

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Problem is, no one wants it. OK, not no one: the most recent CNN poll, taken last weekend, shows only 39% want it. Wow, what a majority landslide for the Dems. Not one Republican has supported the bill, and no, it’s not because we don’t want to make our healthcare system better through reform, and it’s not because we don’t care about the uninsured or rising costs, and it’s not because we’re in the tank with insurance companies, and it’s certainly not because we want to stick it to the Democrats. Most importantly, the main reason we’re against Obamacare is because we don’t understand the Democrats’ vision for the country.

Actually, I take that back. We can see their vision of big government way too clearly, and it scares the heck out of most people. That’s in addition to the fact that no one really knows for sure how much Obamacare is going to cost (taxes, anyone?) or what’s really lurking in the roughly 3,000-page bill. And if Washington and Pelosi don’t know, can you imagine the surprises in store for the American people? We’ve already tripled our deficit to $3.6 trillion since Obama took office — that’s 13% of our nation’s GDP, a level we’ve not seen since World War II. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say it’s because of the recession he inherited, but basic economic principles throughout our history show us that to stimulate the economy and job growth, cut taxes and spending. To stymie it, raise taxes and grow government programs. And please don’t try and tell me that the Obama White House is not cooking the books to make themselves look good. They all do it.

So let’s get back to Obama and the Dems’ desire for big government. This is the dividing line in the sand between liberals and conservatives. Government getting involved where it’s not wanted and creating another entitlement system that will wind up bankrupting our country. How do I know that? Hm, let me look into my crystal ball and see how Social Security and Medicare is doing. Oh, together they’re over $50 trillion in the hole, and the only way to rectify that would be to eventually raise taxes — a favorite formula for Democrats. Now let me switch my magic gaze to Massachusetts: they have a state-controlled healthcare system enacted in 2006 by then-Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican (see, we’re not all bad — some of us care about the little people). Anyway, that shining model is broke, too. Oh, and California pays for its residents’ college tuition. As Dr. Phil likes to say, “Hey California, How’s that working for you?” I’d say not so good, considering that California is even more bankrupt that the rest of us. And when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to put a kibosh on the freebies just a few weeks ago, student riots broke out in pandemonium. What makes the Dems think they’ll have the miraculous skills to run the entitlement system any better than what the government has already failed at since the 1930s? At least Social Security and Medicare passed with landslide majorities in both the House and Senate.

Since when did a minority decide what’s best for the country? Oh, yeah, since you independents voted the most liberal senator on record to the presidency. Obama campaigned center-left, but if people really paid attention to substance and didn’t just listen to the school-girl-swooning media, you would have known. It was all out there in plain sight — all his past votes, friends — oh, sorry, I mean acquaintances. Dirty dealings showed Obama for what he really is: a hardcore liberal who truly believes in a government run by a small group of elitists elected or appointed into office under false pretenses. A minority deciding what’s best for its “don’t-know-any-better” citizens? Oh, wait, that’s socialism.

And just think, this is only the beginning: auto takeovers, bank bailouts, cap and trade and now healthcare. Think about it: If Obama and Pelosi can ram through a bill that allows the government to regulate and take over one-sixth of our economy without the majority of our elected representatives voting for it and the American people against it, our country is in deep trouble.

So what’s a girl to do? I’m just going to sit back and let it play out until November. That’s when my voice will finally be heard. I will vote out every Democrat in my city, district and council. What’s interesting is that I think the Dems expect it. Obama and his crew had to know if they took a left-wing approach to government, they would lose their majority in November 2010. And this, again, is a scary thought: Democrats don’t care because pushing through their left-wing agenda is more important than what the American people want — even more important than their own job security. Why? Because the left always thinks they know what’s best for the country while refusing to accept that what they want is not what the people want. Oh, you can find them at college campuses around the country, huddled in their little coffee klatches, grasping their worn-out copies of Nietzsche and discussing left-wing ideology until they are high on their own words. Problem is, these romantic ideologues eventually grow up and get elected to the presidency. Their fantastical “everyone is equal” distribution plan that evens the playing field of life sounds great on paper, but rarely works in reality. My vote may not be a big deal in a liberal state like New York, but remember how many more of me exist in cities and towns all across this country.

Stefanie Schappert is a freelance journalist based in New York. Credits include NY1 News, Fox News Channel, and Vaccinated TV. She has worn many hats inside the newsroom: producing, writing and editing. She also has been out in the field covering stories behind the camera as well as producing and reporting. Schappert’s conservative viewpoint came into sharp focus following the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the resulting political climate. While working on the acclaimed NY1 documentary 9/11: A Day In Time, Schappert quickly embraced her role as the wife of a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) deployed to the Middle East. This former NFL Cheerleader and classically trained dancer is known to hang out with quite a liberal crowd and has been the buzzkill during many a dinner party.

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