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5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Brooke O’Harra

Says O'Harra, "Just go to Barnes and Noble and look...the number of plays by women is minuscule compared to those by men."

You’re a Composer in Manhattan or Queens and You Want Cash…

The first residencies? Spring 2009, with three Queens-based composers in residence at Flushing Town Hall.

Curse of the Legend Class: The Apparent Tragedy of Peter Brook

One comes away with the impression that one of the 20th century's most influential theater directors has lived too long.

The Wing and More Than a Prayer: The Springboard NYC Program

When I first entered the industry, I wish there had been a program like this.

The Year of Living Statistically

Under scrutiny, all of Emily Glassberg Sands' claims fell apart but one.

Is It Art Because You Say So? Or Because Everyone Says So?

We're in an Orwellian trap: Freedom is Power. Control is Freedom. Everyone is Art.

Colella, Hoty, Gatton Join Acker and Pine for ‘Monster’ Reading

Revisiting plays from previous seasons -- a legacy of the expanding Boomerang.

Helping Hayhurst: Radical-Right Bias Against the Arts

The flourishing of the arts means we're doing well as a society. Fury toward the arts means an irregular heartbeat -- or worse.

Massachusetts Lemon Law Allows for Obama Trade-In

Massachusetts, a hardcore blue state, exercised its Lemon Law rights to a full refund -- by voting in Scott Brown.

Arts Advocacy Update CXVIII: Playing with Dali, California Folly

A distillation of Arts Watch, the weekly e-blast of Americans for the Arts. This week: Pouring salt on cuts.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jan Buttram

How many ways can you write, "I didn't see which way he went?" It's in the character's background where you achieve specificity.

Admitting An Error, Restoring ‘Hair’: Letting All the Sunshine In

The sync-up of "Hair" with the National Equality March turned out to be no charitable one-off. I was wrong.

Pencils Up!: 35th Samuel French Fest Now Accepting Applications

40 short plays, one week and six finalists.

Movement Seen for Tax-Break Plan for NYC Landlords Leasing Space to Artists

A proposed tax break for landlords who give "longer leases at below-market rates" to artists is gaining political momentum in Gotham.

The Phantoms of Holden Caulfield’s Youth

If we lose the unique stock that defines its sense of place, New York City will be "like everywhere else, but more expensive and less convenient."

Newest Reel for Leonard Jacobs of the CFR

Introducing the newest version of my reel to the world.

NY Gov. Paterson Proposing $9.6M Decrease in Arts Funding

Gov. Paterson sees a federal arts funding drop "due to the phase-out of one-time funding" of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

New Review: The Satin Slipper or the Worst Is Not the Surest

Director Peter Dobbins might have done himself and his ensemble a favor by not cutting the work down to a maddeningly hard-to-follow three hours.

Are Republicans Praying for Terrorist Attacks?

I almost believe an honest-to-God successful attack would really make Republicans ecstatic.

When You Talk About What You’ve No Business Talking About, People Will Talk

What would the Republicans not do to discredit any attempt to use the NEA again for arts jobs?
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