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  1. KarenKaren12-18-2009

    Lovely, Leonard, just lovely!

  2. LauraLaura12-18-2009

    Great piece, Leonard. The closing of Kirkus was a shock to me and many of my friends. Thanks for this ‘behind-the-scenes’ look.

  3. MvBMvB12-18-2009

    I’m with Karen. Lovely.

  4. Diana RaabeDiana Raabe01-21-2010

    Great stuff! But I have a couple of questions. When PW first blurbed the news about Kirkus, they spoke of a publication that was forming/restructuring to fill the void. Do you happen to remember who that was?

    Also, I read earlier today that there might be an acquisition deal in the works that would take over Kirkus. Have you read/heard anything like that?