Chameleon Theatre Looking for Co-Producers


ChameleonTheatreThis information courtesy of Robert D. Carver of Chameleon Theatre Co., Ltd.…:

Chameleon Theatre Co., Ltd. is currently developing Roger Penycate and Rick Jones’ new musical Laughing Daughter for its New York premiere. Those interested in the opportunity to co-produce are invited to send inquiries for further information. The show, recently seen at the Indian Head Center for the Arts in Maryland, will be workshopped in spring 2010 with a streamlined book and songs added to an already tune-full score.

Laughing Daughter tells the story of a young, contemporary Native American woman who, “in order to find her roots, has to pull them up.”

Chameleon is targeting next autumn for a BroadwayOff-Broadway opening…

Please contact Carver at [email protected] for details, or go to the Laughing Daughter website.

  • Roger Penycate

    Robert Carver is not associated with the production of Laughing Daughter.
    and has posted this entirely at random.
    Roger Penycate
    co-writer of Laughing Daughter
    Penycate Jones Productions