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  1. Best title of a post I’ve seen in a long, long time! And the story was worth reading, too!

  2. Josh JamesJosh James12-01-2009

    Brilliant piece …

  3. Elizabeth BurkeElizabeth Burke12-01-2009

    Albee is the most curmudgeonly playwright in a sea of old curmudgeons, did she not know that beforehand? It’s the words he gives his characters that create the meaning of the play. His work is not built to be modernized on a shiny white stage only to dilute the meaning of those words. Good God, so what if he wasn’t a kindly old man while being interviewed, he has the right to expect his plays to be done as he envisioned, they are HIS plays! And I love all of them.

  4. Scott WaltersScott Walters12-07-2009

    I agree totally with Albee’s scorn for what I call “wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if” directors. Usually, such “innovation” is a substitute for a lack of analytic skills.

    That said, Albee is an old fogey, and an unpleasant one at that. And I would go further: like David Mamet, he’s been writing the same play for decades. Just go into analysis, for God’s sake, and spare us yet another play about your issues with your parents!

  5. LeonardLeonard12-07-2009

    For Scott Walters, chief censorer of the blogosphere, to call anyone else unpleasant is the height of insanity.

  6. Scott WaltersScott Walters12-09-2009

    A pleasure as always, Leonard.