The Fox Forum Runs CFR Story: NBC and Bon Jovi — The Shape of What’s to Come?


JonBonJoviThe Fox Forum has picked up my essay for the Clyde Fitch Report on the naming of Jon Bon Jovi as the “Artist-in-Residence” at NBC.

Following a helpful conversation with the editor of the Fox Forum that got me thinking, I did a rewrite to clarify and expand upon some salient points. The piece, for all you cynics, is still mine.

Story continues below.

Here are the opening graphs of the piece:

According to The New York Times, Jon Bon Jovi has signed what some characterize as a first-of-it’s-kind deal with a major TV network. He will be NBC’s “artist-in-residence” for a period of two months. During that period, Bon Jovi will be seen exclusively on an array of shows and platforms connected to NBC Universal, including “The Today Show,” “The Tonight Show,” “The Jay Leno Show,” “Saturday Night Live,” “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” and “Inside the Actors Studio” on Bravo, which the peacock network owns.

What does “artist in residence” mean? It means, writes The Times, he won’t be anywhere else.

“Of course you usually try to be out there everywhere, when a new album is coming out,” Mr. Bon Jovi said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “So we have to sacrifice certain shows and relationships. We hope this doesn’t jeopardize any of them. But in a shrinking media environment, you have to kind of reinvent the wheel.”

Well, not only reinvent it if you’re Bon Jovi, but you want to spin the wheel, too, so it lands on your number. Bully for Bon Jovi. Bully for the idea that there’s something innately valuable in the word “artist,” to the extent that a network is giving this marketing nomenclature a shot.

Interestingly, the idea was proposed to NBC by Bon Jovi’s representatives. The network didn’t come up with it on their own.

For the rest of the piece, click here.

  • This is a REALLY interesting story. I wonder what will come of it, if anything.

    On a personal note, I look forward to an Amy Winehouse/Lifetime partnership.

  • David

    Why the rewrite for fox? Not political enough? Need to make it more “Fair and Balanced?” I guess they got you on a short leash.

    • Actually, David, it wasn’t at Fox’s request, it was at mine. The editor of the Fox Forum actually happens to be a very decent and not remotely hard-line or doctrinaire woman with whom I’m very friendly. I reread my original post after asking her opinion about it, and when she said the Fox Forum would run it, I wanted to clarify and amplify some points. It had nothing to do with politics (you haven’t read the piece) and everything to do with me wanting to make it better.

  • David

    I have read the piece,and if it wasn`t at foxes request why do you state that at the top?”At the request of the Fox Forum, I did a rewrite to clarify and expand upon some salient points.”

    The blurring of news and entertainment goes on

    • Because frankly I wanted to show some respect to the editor of the Fox Forum who was kind enough to take an interest in the piece and ask a few questions that got me thinking. You know what, David? Since you’re accusing me of complicity with evil, I’ll just change the top of the post. Hope you’re happy now. Wish you actually had something bright to say about the essay, too.

  • David

    The problem I have with your piece is the paragraph, “Then there’s the news angle. Bon Jovi promoting his album exclusively on NBC for a period of two months doesn’t hurt anyone if his appearances are on entertainment programming. What if, however, Bon Jovi is also receiving cash from this deal, or if the deal, in CD sales, has a cash value? Isn’t his appearance on a news show, like “NBC Nightly News,” an indirect way for the network to “pay” for news content?”. Which is a valid point, however by posting on Fox with the current news war happening only enflames the rhetoric,as in evidence of the comments on your article. There is the political side, unintended, but still obvious. By the way I thought it was a good article, I`m just sorry that it cannot be understood as informational and entertaining instead of a war between Fox and NBC.

    • I see your point. That said, I don’t work for Fox. I’m not paid to write the piece. And I don’t work for NBC. So I’m not involved.

  • David

    I am truly sorry if you took my comments as being cynical. I am just so tired of the news war and it is getting so hard to read news and information without someone putting it on one side or the other, this whole mess is tearing this country apart. I liked the article until I read the comments on the forum. I just wanted you to state that it was your article and not rewritten to appease the Fox network which is how it sounded.

  • David

    Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.