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CFR Editor Leonard Jacobs to Appear on ‘Oleanna’ Talkback Panel on B’way, Oct. 1

Leonard Jacobs, editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, will appear tomorrow night, Oct. 1, as part of a talkback after the preview performance of David Mamet's Oleanna on Broadway.

New Review: Mahida’s Extra Key to Heaven

This metaphor-driven play explores the dynamic between America and Islam through the lens of characters with less as well as more in common than any of them may think.

Leonard Jacobs of the CFR on Fox’s “Obama Change Index,” Week Ending Sept. 30

I weigh in on four areas of discussion: Law and Justice, Dealing with Congress, Social Issues and Foreign/Military Affairs.

John McCann: Arts-Service Groups Should Think About the Arts, Not Themselves

An essay on this topic -- "Why do we have so many free-standing, poorly funded national 501c3 service organizations in the arts field?" -- is poised to provoke debate.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Crystal Skillman

Skillman loves when she's off to a reading of a play she's written and people ask, as if to confirm, "So, you read all the parts yourself, right?"

Theater Blogger Meetup Set for Sept. 30. All NYMF Participants Welcome!

Anyone affiliated with the New York Musical Theatre Festival -- creative teams, actors, producers -- can attend the next blogger meetup.

From the Blogroll XXII: “Someone in a Tree” Edition

Selections from the more than 140 blogs on The Clyde Fitch Report blogroll, with commentary.

PA’s Terrible Ticket Tax: Does the Psychology of Economic Exceptionalism Hurt the Arts?

Of course Pennsylvania arts advocates are furious: they're being singled out, even punished, while Joe Six-Pack can watch a terrible movie without paying a surcharge on his ticket.

New York’s Performing Arts at a Crossroads: Crain’s Conference Set for Sept. 30

You are strongly urged to attend a conference on the future of the performing arts in New York City.

Heretic’s Foundation XII: Can Innovation Remake the Theater Industry?

Shakespeare dogma dates back to a perfidious 18th century Romantic assumption that the plays were written spontaneously in an outpouring of divine inspiration.

Former Mayor Dinkins, Fox News’ Wiehl to Headline ‘Oleanna’ Talkbacks on B’way

Judith Kaye, former Chief Judge of New York, and former CNN correspondent Cynthia Tornquist will lead talk-backs after each preview of David Mamet's Oleanna on Broadway.

Arts Advocacy Update CIII: “Cuts and Bruises” Edition

A distillation of the Sept. 23 Arts Watch, the weekly electronic communique from Americans for the Arts. A fixture of The Clyde Fitch Report.

Ars Nova Announces ANT Fest 2009

A total of 32 shows, from crypto-zoology horror spectacles to spoken word prodigies, magic, vaudeville and dance squads.

National Asian American Theater Festival to Run Oct. 13-18

More than 100 Asian-American theater artists will converge for a panoply of performances.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Catherine Wolf

There were professional performers on her mother's side, says actress Catherine Wolf. On her father's side, there were sail makers, lobsterman, boat builders and painters.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jaygee Macapugay

If she could pick her dream shoes, says Jaycee Macapugay, playing the title role in the musical Imelda, it would be Christian Louboutin, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Broadway Hops on the Bus for the National Equality March

With Charlotte St. Martin, the Broadway League's executive director, making $340,105 last year, couldn't she sponsor a bus for marriage equality?

Michael Kaiser’s Cultural Diplomacy: Would a ‘Pepsi Ballet’ Help U.S. Artists?

If more corporations pay for American artists to travel abroad, who do they represent?
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