Leonard Jacobs of the CFR on FoxNews.com’s “Obama Change Index”


FoxNews LogoFor the last several months, I’ve been participating in a weekly written analysis of President Obama’s performance in office called the Obama Change Index. Typically, I weigh in on four areas of discussion: Law and Justice, Dealing with Congress, Social Issues and Foreign/Military Affairs. One Democrat, one Republican and one Independent participate and we all grade the President numerically as well. These numbers are averaged, thus the “index.” It’s not scientific, but it is pretty interesting.

For the week just ended, you can click on the link above to see what I wrote. Here’s a taste:

Law and Justice
The less President Obama says about Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court — except, perhaps to laud Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina for having the courage to exemplify bipartisanship — the better. After all, when Sen. John McCain, whose home state of Arizona boasts one of the largest voting blocs of Hispanics in the nation, can join the chorus of old white men in calling Sotomayor a racist (or otherwise inferring it), why should the president add fuel to that fire? Let the GOP smoulder instead.