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  1. Great post Leonard! Some thoughts on the similar situation in my home state of Michigan. http://bit.ly/rwrQ5

    Yes Managing Directors and Artistic Directors are supposed to be teams. The relationship doesn’t work if either is subservient. A true leader on the management side doesn’t worry about who has more face time or glory, because it is about the work of the theatre and a shared vision for the organization.

  2. WOW — What an amazing article! So many points that are spot-on! I don’t know how this will end, but I do know Bill, Jamie and Diana. Each one of them is an incredible artist with impeccable credentials. Each has earned the highest admiration from their many colleagues, both local and national, as true leaders in their field. Each has been devoted to Skylight over the long-haul. Now, all 3 have been fired and replaced by an ex-performer, turned management, turned “I can do everything” egotistical *ss. Very sad indeed!

  3. tonytony06-22-2009

    and the drama continues this week…